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Hello everybody!


     Wow, I guess there's a lot to update since I haven't posted in two years! So much has happened. As many of you likely know, I have moved away from my home state of Wisconsin. I had originally moved to California where i lived on the Central Coast. I spent some time living in Monterey having the time of my life, and working nearby in Salinas. California is where I met my current partner when she was going to school at Standford. Eventually I moved into her place in Menlo Park where we stayed until she headed back into the Military Life. 

     Together we moved to where we currently live in Woodbridge Virginia. To rewind a little, during our move across country we both took a couple months off of our jobs to explore the world and check out as many National Parks along our route. You can see many of the photos I took along the way by going to "Client Galleries", then clicking on "Prints for Sale". No pressure to buy, but for sure check them out! I had my first opportunity to photograph grizzly bears on this trip! What an exciting moment! Unfortunately I did not have much of a zoom lens with me as I'm not usually a wildlife photographer, but that moment made we want to invest in one!

     Back to the current time. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm living in Woodbridge. 45 minutes south of Washington D.C. The cherry blossoms are just about to bloom and i'm so excited to see them for my very first time. It's also been nice seeing all the monuments again as an adult. The last time I saw them I was 14. Currently I have been having alot of newborn clients. My partners cousins have all had babies within months of each other and I have been able to photograph them. I have also started learning Lifestyle photography and have had 3 model calls with newborns to photograph in their home. It has been a challenging transition going from Studio light and a controlled environment to peoples homes and natural light, but I have taken the challenge and am determined to learn. 

    This July I will have the opportunity to be taught by my favorite newborn photographer Ana Brandt. To say I am excited is an understatement. I will spend an entire day with her learning more about lighting, posing, wrapping and more. While I am already confident in my work, I feel there is always more to learn. I'm sure I will write another blog post following the experience. Until then, Stay safe and well!






My Story

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So so many people ask me, "How did you get started with Photography?" "Where did you learn to take photos?" "How long have you been doing this?" 

I wish there was a simple answer to those questions but there just isn't. As Cliché as it sounds, photography has just been a part of my life. I don't remember a time when I wasn't asking photos to be taken of me, or asking to hold the camera to take photos of someone else. I remember having disposable cameras as a child and playing around with those taking photos of my pets and family. When I got a little older I would borrow my parents camera and set up a "backdrop" using a  sheet and take photos of my stuffed animals or pets in front of them, or have my sister take photos of myself. There's one picture in particular that sticks in my mind of me about 8 years old sitting in front of one of those sheets modeling with my new doll I had gotten the day before for Christmas.

Fast forward a few years to age 11-12 when I started babysitting. I would take photos of the children I babysat just for fun. The parents ended up loving to see what their kids did during the day and were pleased and impressed with my photography so I continued. Majority of those photos were taken with a cell phone since that's all I had with me. Every once in a while I would borrow my parent's point and click camera to do a mini photoshoot with the children. Again during this time my sister and I would borrow my parents camera and go around the neighborhood to take photos. Sometime around here  I also got my first point and click Camera.  

Fast forward again to High school. I'm not sure what year it was but I took a photography class. In that class I learned how to make my own camera and take and develop photos with that. I also learned a lot about camera basics and doing film photography. Our class had our own dark room so we got to develop our own photos. I am really grateful to have had this experience to set up a foundation for photography. To learn my photography interest, how cameras work, how to develop photos and alter them, and about camera settings.  While I was in this class my Grandfather gave me one of his old film cameras he had. I played around with that for the next few years taking photos again of my pets and family and some landscape. 

A. Schmidt photography started around the time of Graduation from high school. I would take photos for family and family friends that hear of my through family and I started building a portfolio. All of these sessions were done with my parents camera. A year or two Later I met my Friend Jen who was an amateur photographer. She took me under her wing and taught me all she knew about photography. During that time I also bought my first semiprofessional camera. A Canon rebel EOS T3i and I couldn't be happier with it. I got 2 extra lenses and learned how to shoot in manual. My business grew and I created a photography page online. I started advertising and got more clients. I really knew nothing about creating a business but taught myself what I needed along the way. 

Soon after I started focusing my photography business on children and asked my Grandmother if I could start a studio in her basement, and she said yes! I was so excited to have my first studio space! I got my first backdrop set and started collecting props. For about 2 years I had my studio in her basement until I moved to Fond du lac and brought my studio to my home there.  Again with the move I met new people and the business grew some more. 2 years later I have moved again and am currently living in Rhinelander. Again meeting new people and building the business. Also since my last move I have started to take a slight interest in landscape photography because its' so beautiful here in the Northwoods. About 6 months ago ( mid 2018) I bought my first Professional camera! I bought a Canon 5d Mkiii and again I am in love with it and couldn't be happier. I also purchased another lens to go with it. And as always my props and backdrop collection has expanded, and I also purchased my first set of professional lighting equipment. 

Within the last 2 years I have focused my photography mostly on very young children and have decided to specialize in Newborn photography. I will of course continue to take photos of people of all ages though and I truly do love it all.  So that's my story. I wish I had an exact date of the start of A. Schmidt photography or more specifics on my story to share. But it's just  how my story goes and I love it! I appreciate all of you who took the time to read my story and learn a little more about myself and the business! I look forward to having you along on my journey as my story continues!


God Bless!


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